Thanks to all who participated in the 2017 Badger Brewoff.

There were 169 entries judged and 155 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyle
1stGary LockwoodEnkel Belgisch26A: Trappist Single

Best of Show – Cider & Mead

Ciders and Meads

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stSteven KlafkaSpruce Tip Sparkling MeadM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable MeadMadison Homebrewers And Tasters Guild

Winning Entries

Table 1: IPA (17 entries)

1stAdam ManosHands Of Fate Ipa21A: American IPA
2ndDaniel KukukSail Away21A: American IPA
3rdKevin BenczRed Ip21B4: Red IPA

Table 2: European Sour Ale (13 entries)

1stJim VliegMadisonner Weisse23A: Berliner Weisse
2ndGarrett ShawSucker Punch23A: Berliner Weisse
3rdMichael FrischmannLamba, Lamba, Ding Dong23D: Lambic

Table 3: Amber Malty European Lager (10 entries)

1stKevin BenczMarzen6A: Marzen
2ndHunter NavarroThe Wedding Märzen6A: Marzen
3rdGreg Vander VeldenOktoberfest6A: Marzen

Table 4: American Wild Ale (10 entries)

1stDaryl LampreyLe Soleil Couchant28A: Brett Beer
2ndJim VliegBrit? No, Brett.28A: Brett Beer
3rdJohn TobinHollow Oak - Hommage To Vermont28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer

Table 5: Pale American Ale (8 entries)

1stNorman Taylor
Co-Brewer: Georgianna Taylor
But I’m Not Bitter Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale
2ndGary LockwoodMosaic Paradise18B: American Pale Ale
3rdBryan HuffordBeyond The Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale

Table 6: Spiced Beer (9 entries)

1stClint SmithBread Pudding Quad30C: Winter Seasonal Beer
2ndDaryl LampreyAncho Chile Porter30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdSteven KlafkaHibiscus Kolsch30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 7: Standard, Amber, and Brown American Beer (7 entries)

1stTerry Moravec"murican19A: American Amber Ale
2ndKevin BenczCream Ae1C: Cream Ale
3rdChris MertensPenny’s Red Eye Ale19A: American Amber Ale

Table 8: Brown British Beer (8 entries)

1stDaniel KukukMariners’ Mild13A: Dark Mild
2ndJonathan Hibbs
Co-Brewer: Conor Komula
See A Man About A Dog13B: English Brown Ale
3rdRyan BudzbanBig Nutz13B: English Brown Ale
HMMichael FrischmannJezza Porter13C: English Porter

Table 9: American Porter And Stout (6 entries)

1stJacob SturomskiImperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout
2ndJohn TobinHollow Oak - American Russian Imperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout
3rdDaryl LampreyMax Capacity Imperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout

Table 10: Strong American Ale (6 entries)

1stSteve Von DollenBarleywine22C: American Barleywine
2ndDon ChellWheats Going On?22D: Wheatwine
3rdPeter SchroderNote To Self; Drink This22A: Double IPA

Table 11: Trappist Ale (7 entries)

1stGary LockwoodEnkel Belgisch26A: Trappist Single
2ndKris ZimmermanCharlie Brewster26B: Belgian Dubbel
3rdKevin NoltemeyerKaptns 1226D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Table 12: Fruit Beer (6 entries)

1stDuane BuscherTart Black Currant Ale29C: Speciality Fruit Beer
2ndDan GrupeRhubarb Kettle Sour29A: Fruit Beer
3rdJohn TobinHollow Oak - Raspberry Blonde29A: Fruit Beer

Table 13: German Wheat Beer (5 entries)

1stEric BinderHefeweizen10A: Weissbier
2ndGary LockwoodHefe-Weiz Day10A: Weissbier
3rdPeter SchroderDunkel Side Of The Moon10B: Dunkels Weissbier

Table 15: Strong Belgian Ale and Strong European Beer (7 entries)

1stJohn TobinHollow Oak - Farmhouse Table Beer25B: Saison
2ndDon ChellManipulator Doppelbock 9A: Doppelbock
3rdPeter SchroderFantasy Fruit25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Table 16: Cider and Mead (8 entries)

1stSteven KlafkaSpruce Tip Sparkling MeadM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead
2ndJohn TobinHollow Oak - Raspberry MeadM2C: Berry Mead
3rdJohn TobinHollow Oak - Cherry CyserM2E: Melomel

Table 17: Irish Beer, Scottish Beer, Dark British Beer, and Strong British Ale (10 entries)

1stTom ZahaskyTom Zahasky16A: Sweet Stout
2ndJim VliegThe Stag And The Hen14C: Scottish Export
3rdDaryl LampreyDexter’s Old Ale17B: Old Ale

Table 18: British Bitter, Pale Commonwealth Beer (6 entries)

1stJonathan HibbsDuke Pennyfeather Of Devonshire11C: Strong Bitter
2ndChristopher PaulBike Fuel11A: Ordinary Bitter
3rdKen HammelAccidental Ipa12C: English IPA

Table 19: Pale Bitter European Beer, Belgian Ale, Amber Bitter European Beer (7 entries)

1stHunter NavarroLa Conexión Mexicana7A: Vienna Lager
2ndDean WienschDab’ling A Bit Part Deux5C: German Exportbier
3rdTom ZahaskyTom Zahasky5D: German Pils

Table 20: Czech, Pale Malty European, Dark European, and International Lagers (7 entries)

1stDavid HeiselUncle Dud’s Dunkel8A: Munich Dunkel
2ndKevin BenczHelles Bock4C: Helles Bock
3rdMichael FrischmannBavarian Breeze4A: Munich Helles

Table 21: Specialty, Historical, Wood Aged, and Alternative Fermentable Beers (12 entries)

1stMatt LohmanSour Citrus Blond Ale34C: Experimental Beer
2ndSourman KrakauCricket27A1: Gose
3rdDaniel KukukBlack Beard’s Delight34C: Experimental Beer