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The Grumpy Troll Brew Pub and the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild are pleased to announce the Eigth Annual Grumpy Troll Challenge on May 14th, 2016. The contest is a challenge to Homebrewers to submit their best beers to be judged by BJCP standards. Submissions will be accepted from amateur brewers only!

The entry fee is $7 / entry.  Cash, check, or paypal are the only payment methods accepted.

Two of the beers selected for the Best of Show round, as chosen by the Grumpy Troll owners and Brewmaster will get the opportunity to brew their recipe with Grumpy Troll Brewmaster Mark Knoebl.

Entrants must be willing/able to participate in the brewing process for at least one day (Brewmaster Knoebl will work with you to find a date to brew). 

There is a limit of 100 entries for this competition.

Beers eligible for submission are all BJCP Beer Categories except for categories 23 (European Sour Ale), 28 (American Wild Ale), 34A (Clone Beer).

Due to Brewery Sanitation concerns, no sours beers or beers using brettanomyces, pediococcus or lactobacillus are allowed.

To ensure your beer is properly judged, please review the special instructions in the BJCP guidelines and make sure you list all required information.

Submitted beers cannot require a maturation time of more than six months or the cost of $10 per five gallon batch for specialty ingredients such as fruit, herbs, spices, vegetables and other, (not including hops, malt and yeast).

Procedures and the ingredients for the beers chosen to be brewed at The Grumpy Troll are likely to have their recipe adjusted to meet the limits of The Grumpy Troll’s brewery.

Competition Official

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via the Contact section.

  • Peter Steinberg — Competition Coordinator


MHTG is proud to have the following sponsors for the 2016 Grumpy Troll Challenge.

Madison, WI
The Grumpy Troll Brew Pub
Mt. Horeb, WI
The Grumpy Troll Brew Pub